Nursery School School Staff
Committed to providing the best care and instruction for your children.

Our teachers are State-licensed and committed to the children under their care and their families. In addition to state-mandated accreditation, we are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA), which helps us provide your child with a higher quality education through access to their unique resources, workshops and conferences. The staff attends state-mandated workshops and training.

An on-site infirmary room is available. The staff is certified in CPR and first aid. Teachers maintain contact with parents through personal phone calls, conferences, and emails (click on red text). 

School Director
Theresa Gorman

School Office Manager
Arlene Bauta

School Secretary
Marie Millner

Head Teacher
Tiffany Gomez

Group Teachers
Alex Cavaliere
Suzanne Damato
Nicole Hazarian
Kim Mircovich

Teacher Assistants
Abby Gomez
    Gwen Halko    
  Rita Jones
Gretchen Morrow
Lunch Bunch: Janyce Perrone

Board of Education

Laura Cardine, Nicole Hazarian, Darlene Kane, Lucy Marjoros,

Robin McConnell, Gretchen Morrow and Lydia Roessler